I am proud to be the commanding officer of what I consider to be one of the best reenacting units in the country. I served in the United States Marine Corps as a Sgt. I love working with our unit members, especially the NCO's to create a unit that we can all be proud of and that honors the men and women that we portray. I like looking sharp and mastering the drill and battle tactics of the Civil War. 

Lieutenant Ron Boyce

Schedule of Events

Click on the link below to see our list of events. We decide as a unit where we will attend and which unit we will portray. 

Mission & Vision

The Pawnee Guard is a historical Civil War reenactment unit that portrays Marines, Sailors and Infantry.

Ord sgt Marc Bailey

Sgt "Gunny"  Ingles

Sgt joe Strycharz

Our staff

Ron Boyce

Commanding Officer


We are open to good folks that love history. Come and see us at an event and discuss joining if you are interested. Dues are minimal are used to purchase insurance for you.