A Civil War Reenactment Unit in North Florida

Our Mission:

Honor our ancestors and keep history alive!

The Pawnee Guard is a not for profit Historical Reenacting Unit that portrays Marines, Sailors and Infantry from the Civil War. We operate mostly in North Florida and Southern Alabama, but we also try and attend a national event each year, often up north, like Gettysburg. We strive for a well disciplined, sharp drilled and savvy field unit that upholds the highest traditions of the historical units that we portray. 




We have a whole contingent of Mollies that cooks and in a pinch can man or woman a cannon!.


We can portray Union Infantry if required for the event.


We portray 2nd Fl Co F from Jackson County Florida which fought with Gen. Lee in the Army of Northern Va.  


We portray the Marine Guard from the USS Pawnee.